Being a steward means caring for all that God has created. Has God’s creation ever spoken to you? What is God saying through a beautiful sunrise? What is the whisper that comes from a bird’s song? What message is sent through the wind in the trees? What does the changing moon say? What is the crashing wave from the ocean telling us?

We tend to fill the silence and stillness and wonder of God’s creation with words and noise. Think about an argument that you may have had with someone or perhaps a political debate you’ve watched. What was the purpose of those words – to change someone else’s mind or at least straighten them out a bit? Someone described it as we “devour” others with our words. Our goal is to consume someone else and in the end, no attitudes were changed but people may have been condemned or angered. When we fill our lives with words we also miss communication from God.

Spend some time today without words, contemplating God’s creation. Sense the warmth of the sunshine on your head and feel the Creator. Experience the wind blowing on your face and feel the Creator. See God’s brush in the clouds and feel the Creator. Examine a unique-looking rock and feel the Creator. The messages are out there and they are unspoken. Know you are God’s own design and feel the Creator.

Let us be still and speak to us through your creation, O God. We are
only stewards, but for a time, and we are to care for all that you
have created on this earth.

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Sheri Meister
Executive Director
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