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In the summer of 2014 the Board of Directors voted to move our portfolio to Wespath Investment Management Services.

Wespath is an established investment management organization with approximately $21 billion in assets under management. Our mission is to help our clients meet their investment objectives while honoring the Social Principles of the denomination.

They serve the needs of institutional investors through a multi-manager platform of broadly diversified funds, positive social purpose lending, and the integration of environmental, 

social and governance (ESG) considerations into our investment strategy.

The Wespath approach includes: 

  • Investment portfolios providing exposure to a broad range of investment strategies

  • Timely, transparent reporting

  • An efficient operational cost structure

  • Full range of bundled services: including custody services, ESG and advocacy services

At the Foundation, there three investment options – the Balanced Fund (balanced portfolio of Equity/Fixed Income), the Growth Fund (larger percentage of Equity than Fixed Income), and Fixed Income Fund (combination of Fixed Income Fund and Inflation Protection Fund with Wespath Investments, 

  • The funds are to be with us for one year.  After that time, any or all of the funds can be withdrawn on a monthly basis.
  • We send quarterly reports, but there is no automatic distribution of the funds. The church/ministry must tell us how much or when to distribute. 
  • We follow the Social Investing Principles of the United Methodist Church – which means we will not invest in certain businesses – gambling, alcohol, tobacco, pornography, defense-related, etc. to make a witness in all aspects of our lives.  

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