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Endowment Gifts

Unrestricted endowments gifts invested in the Foundation are to ministry as retirement investments are to individuals. Endowment gifts are never spent; the gift remains intact and only the interest income resulting from wise and prudent management by the Foundation is available for ministry. When donors (individuals and churches) place their assets with the Foundation, they can be sure they are ultimately investing in the Kingdom of God.

Endowment gifts may be restricted for a special purpose or unrestricted. They may be given in honor or remembrance of a loved one. There are many ways to fund an endowment including outright gifts, gifts of stock or other appreciated assets and more. Contact the United Methodist Foundation to talk about your financial aid ministry goals. 

With a minimum gift, the Foundation will establish an endowment in your name or your family's name.  An annual percentage, along with your name and instructions for the use of the endowment, will be sent to the church or ministry that you direct!

What a wonderful way to honor a family or remember important people in your life, while assisting the church or ministry of your choice.

We manage over 100 Named Endowments

A percentage from that endowment is returned to your church and/or ministry in the donor’s name every year.  Churches and individuals set up to support building maintenance, mission trips, camp scholarships, cemetery care, or an undesignated gift for your church.  Provides a way for families to be remembered and support your local church in perpetuity.

Group Endowment funds are endowments to support the ministries of the Dakotas Annual Conference – These include:

  • Dakotas United Methodist Camps
  • Wesley Acres Camp
  • Lake Poinsett Camp
  • Storm Mountain Retreat Center
  • Dakota Wesleyan University
  • Dakota Wesleyan University - Scholarships
  • Dakota Wesleyan University - Nursing Scholarships
  • Ministerial Student Aid
  • Jenkins Living Center
  • Sunnycrest Viillage
  • Wesley Acres Retiement Residence
  • Congregational Development
  • Pension Program
  • Conference Board of Global Missions
  • Open Door Community Center
  • SDSU Campus Ministry
  • Dakotas United Methodist Foundation
  • Tree of Life
  • Builders Club Endowment

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