Charitable Gift Annuities

The Gift that Pays You Back!

In return for a gift, we pay you a guaranteed, life-time payment based on your age.  The older you are the better the rate, a graduated scale up to 9.0%.

You receive an immediate tax deduction and a percentage of the money we send back to you is tax-free.

When your life (or lives in a two-person annuity) ends, what is remaining in the account goes where you tell us to send it - your local church, to one of the Foundation ministries or to establish a Named Endowment.

  • In return for a gift, payments are made to the donor based on age.
  • CGA’s can be for one or two people.  The two-life rates are a bit lower, but pay out for both lives – when the first person dies, the surviving person gets the payment until their death. With single-life, the CGA ends with their death.
  • Upon donor's death(s), whatever is remaining in the account will be directed to the beneficiary – either a ministry or a United Methodist Church. 
  • The donor receives a charitable deduction for a portion of the gift and a portion of the payments are tax-free. These are IRS calculations based on age.
  • Additions cannot be made to an existing CGA.  Additional CGA's may be set up based on the donor's age(s) at that time. 
  • If the beneficiary is a ministry or a United Methodist Church, 90% will to the ministry and 10% to the Foundation.  If the beneficiary is an endowment or group endowment, the full value is deposited. 
  • CHECK OUT RATES HERE -  American Council of Gift Annuities

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Charitable Gift Annuity Application and W-4P withholding form


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